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Following the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, investors are now turning their attention to pending Ethereum ETFs. The optimism for Ethereum has increased, pushing its price above $2,700. However, after a prolonged rise, profit-taking has started, and bulls have retreated, raising questions about the potential approval of a spot ETH ETF.
Last week, a decision on Fidelity’s application was postponed, and a similar delay is expected for Grayscale’s ETHE Trust (requesting conversion to an ETF). While the process continues, Eleanor Terrett from Fox Business shared insights from inside sources and ETF issuers, highlighting differing opinions.
One BTC ETF issuer believes that the seamless launch of Bitcoin spots will force the SEC to approve ETH ETFs. Another source claims there is “internal resistance” to the idea, with the SEC currently responding with a definitive “no.” A third source suggests that the listing of ETH futures ETFs and BlackRock’s track record in getting ETFs approved could lead to ETH ETFs hitting the market by late summer, despite SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s unclear stance on Ethereum’s potential security status.
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce stated in an interview that the agency does not want to repeat the same delay mistake with ETH ETFs. Terrett concludes that the ball is once again in the SEC’s court, and the coming months will reveal if the staff will engage deeply with S-1 filings as they did with Bitcoin spots.
Bitcoin is seen as a store of value, while Ethereum is transforming into the infrastructure of the Web3 world, serving a significant user base through massive protocols on its network. The growing ecosystem offers a compelling narrative for those looking to diversify the risk portion of their portfolio, and the potential for nearly 5% annual stake income could attract investors seeking dividend-like returns.
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