VeChain announces a seamless integration with Ledger Live for secure VET management.
Coinify integration simplifies bitcoin VeChainThor asset acquisition.
VeChain focuses on user-friendly custody solutions.

The renowned blockchain platform, VeChain, has now been seamlessly integrated into Ledger Live, providing users with a convenient and secure way to manage their VET (VeChain Token) holdings directly. This exciting development has delighted VeChain enthusiasts. 

More custody, more options for your $VET and $VTHO! We are pleased to share our full integration with the Ledger Live platform is now complete. A big thanks to the developer teams involved!We have also completed integration with Coinify, Ledger Live’s native fiat on-ramp,…— vechain (@vechainofficial) January 22, 2024

This latest addition emphasizes sustainability and scalability, marking a significant step forward in the crypto space. VeChain’s integration into Ledger Live eliminates the need for third-party intermediaries, ensuring that users have direct control over their VET assets.
With this development, managing VET has never been more straightforward. Ledger Live users can now enjoy a streamlined experience with enhanced security features, bringing more custody options for both VET and VTHO (VeThor Token).
The full integration with Ledger Live is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the development teams involved. VeChain expresses gratitude to all parties contributing to this milestone, showcasing the commitment to providing users with a seamless and secure crypto management experience.
In addition to the Ledger Live integration, VeChain has successfully integrated with Coinify, the native fiat on-ramp for Ledger Live. This integration facilitates the easy acquisition and management of VeChainThor digital assets, expanding the accessibility and usability of VeChain’s ecosystem.
VeChain remains dedicated to advancing custody solutions for both its builders and the community, underscoring a commitment to ongoing development and innovation. The integration with Ledger Live and Coinify marks a positive stride toward making VeChain’s blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly.
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