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While the cryptocurrency market continues its overall downtrend following the approval of the United States’ first spot ETF, market participants continue to seek opportunities. Data compiled from the crypto data and price platform CoinGecko shows that participants are particularly interested in 10 altcoins throughout the day.
Top 10 Most Searched Altcoins of the Day
A crypto data aggregator known as CryptoDep on social media platform X has compiled the 10 most searched altcoins of the day on CoinGecko. According to the platform’s data, investors searched most for Magic Square (SQR) throughout the day. SQR can currently be bought and sold on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including ByBit and Gate.

According to data compiled by CryptoDep from CoinGecko, Manta Network (MANTA), Binance‘s 44th launchpool, ranks second. The rest of the list includes Syscoin (SYS), Solidus Ai Tech (AITECH), Pyth Network (PYTH), Dynex (DNX), Ondo (ONDO), Celestia (TIA), Pond Coin (PNDC), and Injective (INJ), respectively.
An altcoin trending on a data platform like CoinGecko usually indicates that the number of searches for that altcoin is higher compared to others. This can show that it is an altcoin that has caught the interest of users and investors.
Current State of the Cryptocurrency Market
Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen nearly 3% in the last 24 hours, dropping below $41,000 to $40,572, shaking the cryptocurrency market. The largest altcoin, Ethereum (ETH), is priced at $2,365, down 4.52%.
The data shows the three most rising altcoins of the day as MANTA, Siacoin (SC), and Frax Share (FXS). These three altcoins have seen increases of 4.50%, 2%, and 1.48% respectively in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, the three most declining altcoins of the day are Chiliz (CHZ), Sei (SEI), and BitTorrent (BTT), which have fallen by 10.72%, 10.57%, and 8.53% respectively in the last 24 hours.
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