Safari Overview

Embark on an incredible 7-day adventure in Tanzania’s Mahale and Gombe National Parks. Trek through the lush forests of Mahale to encounter habituated chimpanzee groups, followed by a scenic boat ride to Gombe Stream for more chimpanzee sightings. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and wildlife in these renowned national parks.

Included & Excluded

Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania

You’ll arrive in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) or Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), depending on your flight arrangements. A representative from our tour company will welcome you and transfer you to your accommodation in Arusha or Dar es Salaam.

Day 2: Arusha/Dar to Mahale Mountains National Park

Take a domestic flight from Arusha or Dar es Salaam to Mahale Mountains National Park, located on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Upon arrival, you’ll be met by your local guide and transferred to your lodge. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the lake or exploring the surrounding area.

Day 3-5: Mahale Mountains National Park - Chimpanzee Trekking

Over the next three days, you’ll embark on thrilling chimpanzee trekking experiences in the dense forest of Mahale Mountains National Park. Accompanied by experienced guides and trackers, you’ll set out early in the morning to locate and observe the habituated chimpanzee groups. The trek can take several hours, but the encounter with these intelligent and social primates is well worth the effort. Apart from chimpanzees, you may also spot other wildlife, such as colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and various bird species.

Day 6: Mahale to Gombe Stream National Park

After breakfast, you’ll take a boat transfer across Lake Tanganyika to Gombe Stream National Park. This scenic boat ride can take a few hours, and it offers a chance to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the lake. Gombe Stream is famously known as the research site of Jane Goodall and her studies on chimpanzee behavior.

Day 7: Gombe Stream National Park - Chimpanzee Trekking and Departure

Similar to Mahale, you’ll have the opportunity to trek through the forest to observe the habituated chimpanzee families in Gombe Stream National Park. Spend the morning with the chimpanzees, learning about their behavior and observing them in their natural habitat. In the afternoon, you’ll depart from Gombe Stream National Park and take a boat transfer back to Kigoma. From Kigoma, you’ll catch a flight back to Arusha or Dar es Salaam, where you’ll connect with your international flight home.

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