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Macro expert Lyn Alden shared her views on the recently SEC-approved spot Bitcoin ETFs, asserting that they won’t significantly impact Bitcoin’s price. Despite a post-approval price drop of over 20%, Alden believes these ETFs will not serve as a major catalyst for a bull market, although they might provide some upward momentum compared to a scenario without them.
Speaking to the Blue Collar Bitcoin YouTube channel, Alden emphasized that while spot Bitcoin ETFs might attract more capital inflows, they are unlikely to lead the next bull market. She suggests that these ETFs could enhance a bull market when it occurs, but they won’t be the primary driver.
Alden also mentioned that the next price surge in Bitcoin is likely to be triggered by similar catalysts that ignited past bull markets. She expects that when Bitcoin reaches all-time highs, spot Bitcoin ETFs will start to show their effect.
She further explained that the transition of Bitcoin to stronger hands and improved liquidity conditions are currently underway. According to Alden, Bitcoin’s price tends to respond positively to increased liquidity, and as the market tightens, spot ETFs might gain relevance.
In conclusion, Alden sees spot Bitcoin ETFs as a positive variable but not a fundamental catalyst for a bull market. Their impact might be felt when the market already reflects bullish conditions, potentially leading to increased market entries through ETFs.
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