1 Solice provides an infrastructure to support a shared virtual world, also known as a bitcoin metaverse.
2 The SLC coin has broken a bullish trendline, see the next possible target for it below.

Solice is a VR metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. They aim to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry and provide users with a high-quality immersive experience. Their player-centric ecosystem is supported by a tokenomic structure. 
More About Solice Crypto
While Solice believes that earning incentives should drive players to play a certain game, they also think that it should not be the only incentive. In Solice, players can collect pets, gemstones, and other collectables as NFTs. In addition to collectibles, users can also create their own assets, mini-games, and build on top of their land plots. 
By actively participating and building in the metaverse, users can collect tokens and other rare assets as rewards for completing quests, clearing dungeons, and reaching leaderboards. In Solice, digital land plots are owned permanently by the relevant community member, giving them complete control over their creations. 
Users claim ownership of virtual land on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels. Landowners can decide what content is published on their land, which is identified by a set of cartesian coordinates.
What is SLC?
Content can range from static 3D objects to interactive systems such as games. LAND is a digital asset stored in a Solana smart contract that is scarce, non-fungible, and transferrable. It can be acquired by spending an SPL token called Solice ($SLC). 
$SLC can also be used to make in-world purchases of digital goods and services. The primary cryptocurrency behind the Solice metaverse will be $SLC. This multifunctional governance token will be allocated through private and public sales, with certain proportions earmarked for the core team, staking rewards, and the community treasury.
Users will be able to earn a portion of $SLC as part of participating in the metaverse, and $SLC will also be essential in performing various marketplace transactions for NFT trades or asset creations. 
Solice are innovating a new metaverse that utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology, connecting the unique features of blockchain to encourage widespread adoption and provide users with an immersive experience within VR (Virtual Reality).
Solice has the potential to become the market leader in cross-platform metaverse to attract Millions of users and greater revenue opportunities. 
The Solice metaverse is designed to give users maximum freedom, just like in real life. Users can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the Solice native token.’
SLC Token Technical Analysis 

SLC/USDT chart by TradingView (Daily time frame)

SLC price has just broken a bullish trend after getting rejected at the immediate resistance level of $0.005. At press time, the trading price is at $0.00340 with support from the 150-Day EMA at $0.00338.
The RSI is seen with a declining trend and is currently below the neutral zone of 50, Overall, the price target as per the current technicals will be bearish, subjective to bears breaking down 150-Day EMA. It could be otherwise, if the Bulls reclaim the same EMA and bounce.
LAND is a digital asset stored in a Solana smart contract. It can be acquired by spending an SPL token called Solice ($SLC). SLC can also be used to make in-world purchase. SLC price has just broken a bullish trend and the price target is bearish, subjective to bears breaking down 150-Day EMA.
Technical Levels

Support Levels: $0.00258 and $0.00144
Resistance Levels: $0.00542 and $0.00932

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