Solana (SOL) has persisted in stretching its gains and providing higher highs for investors over the bitcoin past trading sessions. With a YTD increase of 337%, it’s seen as one of the highest-growing altcoins for 2024.However, a new contender could soon rise up and pass it in terms of growth. Pullix (PLX) has been dominating with its presale and is on its path toward reaching new gains. With over 17 million tokens sold in Stage 6 of its presale, it’s clear that interest is massive. Today, we will jump into its price performance to determine just how far it can spike.Solana (SOL) Sees Significant Surge – Price to Move Above $160 in 2024Solana (SOL) is trading at an uptrend and is above the significant moving averages. This depicts a bullish momentum and could soon lead to a higher high formation. The Solana crypto buyers are also looking confident and are leading the battle, showing their resilience. Amid the market’s indecisiveness, the Solana price has witnessed an 18% surge in the past month and 337% in the past year, showcasing that it can continue to grow in the following sessions.On the weekly chart, the RSI is above 60, and is showcasing a positive crossover. The bullish pattern also formed green bars on the histogram, suggesting a favorable and optimistic outlook in the upcoming sessions. According to the Solana price prediction, it can end in 2024 at a value of $162.31.Pullix (PLX) to Feature Liquidity Provision – Analysts Project 5,000% Climb in ValuePullix (PLX) is an upcoming DeFi project that can change how people access the DeFi space by introducing the latest blockchain-based features and solving key liquidity issues. Each user will be able to benefit from the lowest fees, and trade forex, ETFs, commodities, and stocks from a single account without the need to undergo a KYC procedure.Each user can also stake their cryptocurrency balance and access liquidity provision. They can then benefit from trading perpetual futures, contract for differences (CFDs), and even get access to the secure storage of their cryptocurrencies. There’s even a Copy Trader functionality. Through it, any user can copy professionals and increase the performance of their portfolios.Alongside this, there is a liquidity provision, where users can stake an amount of their PLX balance to get monthly gains on a regular basis from the platform directly. There will even be a dedicated NFT Launchpad and DeFi ecosystem that can provide users with additional investment possibilities.  The project is undergoing Stage 6 of its blockchain ICO with a price of $0.08 per token and could soon reach new heights.This is evident as over 3,500 users hold the crypto, and 11,000 signed up for the presale. In fact, over 80 million tokens have been sold, and the total funds raised is over $4 million. According to analysts, the PLX crypto is projected to spike 5,000% following its launch.SummarySolana is massive on the charts and has formed green bars, suggesting that a massive, favorable upswing can occur soon. In the meantime, the Pullix DeFi project is on course for major gains as well, making it one of the most exciting projects in 2024.For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:Visit Pullix Join The Pullix Communities

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