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Samson Mow, Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic, casts doubt on the possibility of Bitcoin dropping below $30,000 shortly. Mow’s skepticism is driven by the increasing interest of financial giants like BlackRock in the Bitcoin space. In response to rumors about investors anticipating a $30,000 Bitcoin range for accumulation, Mow believed they would be disappointed.
Mow’s Candid Take on Bitcoin’s Current Downturn
In a social media post, Mow expressed skepticism about the likelihood of Bitcoin dropping below the $30,000 mark shortly. He directly addressed the rumors about investors who believe that Bitcoin price correction to the $30,000 range to accumulate more of the digital asset. Mow believed that those expecting such a drop would ultimately be disappointed. 
The timing of Mow’s comments coincides with Bitcoin experiencing a decline below the $40,000 level over the past 24 hours. This descent was accompanied by investors liquidating their holdings in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), particularly in the case of Grayscale, which witnessed a substantial outflow of 14,292 BTC, equivalent to approximately $565.84 million.
In contrast, eight other spot Bitcoin ETF issuers collectively acquired 9,755 BTC, valued at $386.24 million. Notably, Fidelity attracted an inflow of 5,312 BTC, amounting to $210.33 million.

According to the latest data released on the website:#Grayscale decreased 14,292 $BTC($565.84M) yesterday.8 ETFs added 9,755 $BTC($386.24M) yesterday, of which #Fidelity added 5,312 $BTC($210.33M).— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) January 23, 2024

Crypto Reaction is Mixed on Mow’s Optimism
In light of this, people in the Bitcoin community had mixed reactions to Mow’s tweet. Some people said they would buy more Bitcoin if the price went down, and others talked about Mow’s positive view that Bitcoin will hit $1 million in the future. Even though Mow is optimistic, he hasn’t said when Bitcoin will reach the $1 million mark. This has caused some to see his recent tweets as more of a metaphor than a real prediction.
Is $1M Coming? 
Moreover, Mow went into more detail and said that his earlier predictions that Bitcoin would hit $1 million were just “for fun” and meant to show how much the Bitcoin market has changed, especially since spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved. As the cryptocurrency community deals with uncertain market conditions, Mow’s comments add to the current conversation about Bitcoin’s future and how it might affect the financial world.

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