Statements regarding Dogecoin came from Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghosue, who made statements about the cryptocurrency market bitcoin and XRP at the World Economic Forum event held in Davos, Switzerland.
Participating in a panel discussion here, Garlinghouse said that the cryptocurrency industry needs more precise regulations.
At this point, he took a critical view of meme tokens, and Dogecoin in particular, and questioned the practicality of meme tokens.
Describing meme tokens like DOGE as “unregulated cryptocurrencies”, Ripple CEO said “I don’t understand” about DOGE and unregulated cryptocurrencies.
The famous CEO described Elon Musk as the “central actor” in the Dogecoin issue and market, claiming that he could not see the use of DOGE and that it had no purpose.
Reacting to Garlinghouse’s Dogecoin statements, DOGE co-founder Billy Markus compared Dogecoin to Bitcoin.
Stating that Dogecoin is fundamentally similar to Bitcoin (BTC), except for minor differences and the dog mascot, Markus said:

“The super stupid thing about this is that Dogecoin is essentially the same thing as Bitcoin with slightly different parameters and a dog mascot.
“So it’s like saying ‘I’m totally buying the euro, but the yen is bullshit’.”

the super dumb thing about this is dogecoin is essentially the same thing as bitcoin with mildly different parameters and a dog mascot
so this is like saying “i totally get the euro, but the yen is nonsense”
just little brains pretending to be smart
— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) January 22, 2024

*This is not investment advice.
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