1 Bitcoin Could die forever once BlackRock and Vanguard influence the circulation.
2 Cathie Wood bitcoin has commented on whether Bitcoin will move 30 folds the current value.

It has been two weeks since the SEC officially approved 11 bitcoin ETFs. In the days that followed the approval, almost all the cryptocurrencies were trading above the blue sky for 4-5 days. Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK Invest was excited over the top as she made comments about Bitcoin going to $1.5 Million. 
The SEC approved a crypto product but warned against interpreting it as a sign of reduced enforcement. He has made it clear that today’s action does not approve or endorse crypto trading platforms or intermediaries. 
This news was also covered by one of the analysts at thecoinrepublic: Bitcoin ETF: The Real Story Behind Gensler’s  Resentful Vote.
Asset Classification in the US and Inflows into Bitcoin ETFs
According to Visual Capitalist data, Baby boomers, who are born between 1946 and 1964, own 52.8% of all wealth in the U.S. While the millennials own just 13 Trillion dollars, or 8.75%. Another insight is that a major portion of the baby boomers’ assets are Equity and Mutual Funds.
Currently, the valuation of the whole Bitcoin market is somewhere near 800 billion dollars, and people have already started putting their money into Bitcoin ETFs. On January 19th, Fidelity (FBTC) and BlackRock (IBIT) spot bitcoin ETFs garnered the most inflows, attracting $177.9 Million and $145.6 Million, respectively. 
Arthur Hayes Claimed that BlackRock will destroy Bitcoin ETF
Currently, based on their indirect and direct investments, Vanguard and Blackrock collectively own somewhere near 1% to 2% of total bitcoins in circulation.
Hayes, who co-founded cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX in 2014, explained in a December 23 blog post that Bitcoin has value because “it moves.” However, he believes that spot Bitcoin ETFs are designed to accumulate Bitcoin and hold them in a virtual vault.
If Bitcoin ETF issuers, say Vanguard and Blackrock acquire all of the Bitcoin, and investors opt to purchase Bitcoin derivatives rather than holding onto the cryptocurrency themselves, the number of Bitcoin transactions will eventually die. This will ultimately result in miners losing their motivation to validate transactions as they no longer have any incentive to do so. 
Hayes predicts that this will lead to miners turning off their machines, as they will be unable to afford the energy required to run them. Consequently, the network will be rendered obsolete, and Bitcoin will disappear. 
Many people buy Bitcoin hoping to sell it for a higher price. Now if the Vanguard and BlackRock Vacuum all the coins, the circulation will die and so will the Bitcoin. 
The current Bitcoin market valuation is around 800 billion dollars, with people investing in Bitcoin ETFs. If ETF issuers acquire all Bitcoins and investors opt for derivatives, Bitcoin transactions will eventually die out. Despite having no intrinsic value, people buy Bitcoin hoping for a higher resale value. Vacuuming all coins by Vanguard and Blackrock will kill Bitcoin’s circulation.

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