Fast-growing Lucky Block Casino now accepts crypto’s most popular meme coins among many more token bitcoin additions.
Bonk, Floki, Pepe, Shiba Inu and Tamadoge lead the way, with Doge already in the loop. Including support for new coins backed by vibrant and expanding communities opens Lucky Block Casino up to a wider audience. 
The $19 billion meme coins crowd is an audience that is tuned into iGaming in a big way, so is expected to help to drive activity across the platform, on the Casino and Sportsbook.
In total 14 new tokens have been added to the ecosystem: Bonk, PEPE, Tamadoge, Floki, Shiba Inu, DAI, Avalanche, Chainlink, Polygon (MATIC), Polkadot, Uniswap, Cronos, EOS, ApeCoin.
As you will read below, there’s a lot going on in the Lucky Block Casino world, so to stay up to date with the latest developments, join the Telegram group today. Get along to the Spaces AMA with Community and Growth Manager Damian Jacobs, which takes place on January 26 at 12 noon UTC at the Decentralized Club.

SubscribeJoin us in showcasing the cryptocurrency revolution, one newsletter at a time. Subscribe now to get daily news and market updates right to your inbox, along with our millions of other subscribers (that’s right, millions love us!) — what are you waiting for?Lucky Block Casino Partnership With Top European Football Team 
In other major developments, a forthcoming partnership is in the works with a European football club. The news slipped out on social media and has led to rampant speculation as to which team it might be. 
Whichever team it is that signs the deal, it acts as a major booster for the visibility of the Lucky Block Casino business as it seeks to expand its reach across Europe and beyond. European football is followed by hundreds of millions of people around the world.
Indeed, Lucky Block is doubling down on its pitch to the sporting crowd after conducting a series of interviews with a host of personalities and practitioners in the sporting world. Earlier in the Lucky Block journey, the project shot to prominence as a sponsor of top boxing talent.
Lucky Block Blog Interviews With Top Sporting Personalities
As part of its latest outreach efforts to inform, engage and expand its burgeoning community, Lucky Block Casino has launched a blog featuring movers and shakers in the sporting world. 
Ricky Hatton, Matt Le Tissier, former world boxing champ Sven Ottke, former England goalkeeper David Seaman, past PDC chairman Barry Hearn,  IBF champ Ebanie Bridges, former England rugby union fly-half Toby Flood, and two-time world featherweight champion Josh Warrington are just some of the interviews that Lucky Block has published over the past few weeks.
Betting and the sporting world fit like a glove and so it makes perfect sense that the Lucky Block marketing team continues to mine this rich seam to cement its relationship with a key demographic of the wagering public.

Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs Metadata Migrated To Open Sea
Meanwhile, the platform continues to make good on past promises. The Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club (PRC) NFT metadata has all been migrated to Open Sea. New NFTs will be minted and airdropped to existing PRC owners, with the estimated $35,000 cost being absorbed by Lucky Block, at no cost to the user. 
PRC community members will also benefit from exclusive VIP 15% cashbacks on $LBLOCK wagering. PRC NFTs will in effect be the entry ticket for numerous tournaments and jackpots as well as unlocking special loyalty and referral programs.
PRC owners are to be automatically enrolled into an exclusive private club – a sort of service typically only available to casino high rollers.  
According to the revised whitepaper, 20% of the funds raised through the past sale of NFTs will go into the staking pool.
Lucky Block has set out on a steady course for continued and future profitable progress, secured on the foundations of the hottest and most revenue-rich sector in crypto – iGaming.
$LBLOCK Integrated Into Ecosystem And Players Incentivized To Use It 
Lucky Block’s own native coin – $LBLOCK – has been integrated into the ecosystem, and players are being incentivized to use it through the introduction of a loyalty program, staking pools and exclusive tournaments and jackpots. 
The LBLOCK referral program will see participants earn up to 15% from the house edge for all the players they invite to the platform.
Rewards from staking the $LBLOCK will be paid out in a choice of LBLOCK, USDT or USDC.
The V1 version of the LBLOCK token is no longer available for purchase, which removes an element of confusion from the marketplace. Unlike LBLOCK V1, which ran on the BSC chain and had a sales tax, LBLOCK V2 is an Ethereum-compliant ERC20 token and has no taxes.
$LBLOCK can be bought on, MEXC, LBank centralized exchanges and on Uniswap. 

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