Anyone can use Metamask Mobile Wallet or browser extension to securely store OHO mainnet coin and bitcoin any OSC20 tokens.Simply add Custom Network to MetaMask by using the network settings below:Network Name:OHORPC URL:https://mainnet-rpc.ohoscan.comChain ID:39815Currency Symbol:OHOBlock Explorer URL:https://ohoscan.comOnce you’ve added OHO network to Metamask, you can now store, send, and receive OHO Coin and any OSC20 tokens on your mobile phone or computer.Optional:· To automatically add OHO Network to Metamask, you can just click “Add OHO mainnet” button at the footer of OHO Scan to automatically connect OHO Network to MetaMask.· To see all OHO RPC URLs: can also use Ledger hardware wallet to store OHO coin and OSC20 tokens. Learn more about OHO wallets at

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