Centralized decentralized finance (CeDeFi) protocol NEOPIN is gearing up to launch NEOPIN Bridge, a platform designed bitcoin to bridge the Finschia network with Ethereum Virtual Machine-based (EVM) networks like Ethereum and Klaytn. According to an official announcement via Medium on Tuesday (KST), the service will be launched by the end of February.Linking ecosystemsEver since its establishment of an official partnership with the Finschia Foundation last month, NEOPIN has been developing Finschia’s first EVM-compatible bridge. The project is intended to facilitate the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies for users on the Finschia, Ethereum and Klaytn networks. This will enhance the development and liquidity of the Finschia and Klaytn ecosystems through the integration of Ethereum-based stablecoins.Currently, NEOPIN’s DeFi protocols are accessible only through the NEOPIN Wallet. But with NEOPIN Bridge, user accessibility and convenience will be enhanced through provided support for various wallets like MetaMask, Kaikas, DOSI Vault and more. New services will also be implemented, including token swaps for users to transfer the converted Finschia tokens (FNSA) through the bridge.NEOPIN is the only DeFi protocol that simultaneously supports both the Finschia and Klaytn mainnets, who recently announced a joint proposal for the Dragon DeFi Initiative – a project to build a DeFi ecosystem active on both the Finschia and Klaytn mainnets.NEOPIN’s strengthsWith a record of zero incidents including stake slashing since 2018, along with a 99.99999% block generation rate, the protocol touts a clean track record in node validation across multiple blockchains, emphasizing its dedication to trust and stability.“NEOPIN is recognized for its robust security and reliability, serving as a role model for the Abu Dhabi DeFi regulatory framework. The launch of our self-developed NEOPIN Bridge is a significant stride towards encouraging the growth of the Finschia and Klaytn ecosystems,” said Ethan Kim, CEO of NEOPIN.

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