The Myro price has dropped about 3% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.2121 bitcoin as of 7:09 a.m. EST on trading volume that plunged 21% to $41 million.
Myro Price Forms A Double-Bottom, Empowering The Bulls

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Myro’s price experienced a slowdown in its bullish momentum when it encountered resistance at the $0.2597 supply zone, resulting in the formation of a critical support zone at $0.20.
However, a robust support zone and a double-bottom pattern have been an empowerment for the bulls, enabling the price to soar, as evident with the formation of the markup phase.
Even though the bulls are trying hard to increase Myro’s price, it’s still below the $0.2597 level. However, there’s strong support at $0.20, and the next possible support is at $0.1808.
The current Myro price indicators remain bullish as the price trades above the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). If the bullish trend sustains, the price will eventually overcome the 200-day SMA hurdle, which could strengthen the long-term bullish sentiment.
The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is trading above the 70 overbought level at 75, indicating intense buying pressure.
Myro Price Trend Remains Bullish, With Bulls Aiming For The $0.4 Mark
Supported by the breakout from the double-bottom pattern, the bulls aim for a potential climb towards the $0.4 mark, testing new resistance levels on the way, provided the Myro price sustains above $0.20.
However, if the $0.20 support level is breached, the bears may sustain a retracement to the protective support zone at $0.1808.
As Myro bulls aim to drive the price up, some analysts say SpongeV2 might be the best crypto token to buy now.
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SpongeV1 experienced a remarkable 100X in 2023, with early investors profiting more from this surge. But if you missed out on this surge, there’s no need to worry. SpongeV2 presents another promising opportunity for substantial returns on your investments.

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SpongeV1 has also surged more than 1,000% in the past year, recording a massive 13,000 followers and a market cap of $100 million. Furthermore, it secured listings from over ten centralized exchanges (CEXs).
SpongeV2 looks likely to surpass the success of SpongeV1 because it’s an upgraded version that’s introducing new features and benefits for token holders.
Justin Sun Purchases And Holds $SPONGE
Tron founder Justin Sun added Sponge to his portfolio last year, and now holds $SPONGE worth in the region of $100k. This comes after Sun said he would invest in low-cap coins that show potential.

I’ve decided to begin actively trading meme coins and promising projects through my public address. Please note, I will personally bear all potential losses from these trades, and any profits made will be donated entirely to charity.
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Buy Sponge V2, Stake, Play-to-Earn And Get Rewards
The new Sponge V2 upgrade introduces unique staking models like stake-to-earn, and stake-to-bridge, which allow you to increase your holdings.
The V2 staking option allows you to stake your acquired V1 tokens and get the new SpongeV2 token through an automated bridging mechanism. To date, over 5.2 million $SPONGE tokens have been staked and successfully bridged. 
But time is running out to participate in this opportunity that offers a lucrative 287% annual percentage yield (APY) because its listing is now imminent.
Crypto YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury provides detailed insights into how to acquire and maximize the benefits of SpongeV2’s new staking features. With his own investment in the SpongeV2 project, he boldly predicts a potential surge of over 100X after its launch.

To buy SpongeV2 tokens, visit the official Sponge V2 website and link your digital wallet to swap your ETH or USDT for V2 tokens. You can also buy directly using your bank card.
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