Marathon Digital has acquired new mining sites, adding to its diversified portfolio. The purchase of $178.6 bitcoin million worth of mining sites in Nebraska and Texas has added 910 MW to the company’s capacity. On the other hand, the crypto scammers are not taking any days off. According to the latest reports, nearly $59.98 million worth of cryptos have been stolen from crypto wallets over the last 9 months. Using bogus sites and MS Drainers on Google and Twitter Ads to lure in victims.
While the crypto market unfolds, BlockDAG (BDAG) introduces its X-Series with an exciting opportunity to mine via mobile application after its live presale reaching $1 million in 24 hours. Furthermore, it released its crypto mining rigs X10, X30, and X100, all with different mining capabilities and hashing rates. Finally, answering the long-asked question: which crypto to buy today for long-term growth?
Marathon Digital Spends Big on Bitcoin Mining Sites
Marathon Digital has recently acquired a pair of Bitcoin mining sites from General Capital, closing the deal at $178.6 million. The catch of the deal is that it must be paid in full in cash. The two sites are situated in Nebraska and Texas, giving out a total of 390 megawatts of capacity. Based on this deal, the figures come to $458,000 per megawatt for the amount spent.

Marking the deal a historic buy for Marathon Digital, the pair will add 910 megawatts to the company’s capacity. 45% of this, however, will be fully owned facilities, while third-party business partners will own the remaining percentage. In the acquisition press release, Marathon added that the new bitcoin mining sites are expected to reduce the cost per coin to mine by 30%. The company CEO Fred Thiel also added that with this deal, Marathon Digital will have its hands on more mature and sophisticated crypto mining rigs and technologies with a diversified portfolio.
Crypto Scammers Steal $59.98 Million from Crypto Wallets
Crypto Scammers are on the rise again, draining crypto wallets using MS Drainer. Over the last nine months, scammers have stolen about $59.98 million from nearly 63,210 victims. The commonly used platforms were X or Google ads to lure in victims with bogus versions of famous crypto sites like Radiant, Orbiter Finance, Stargate, Lido, DefiLlama, and Zapper.

Wallet drainers are blockchain technologies that allow scammers to transfer cryptos from their target to the attacker without the target’s knowledge. The process generally involves manipulating the token approval process. Using phishing techniques, the scammers will display ads on fake sites asking for victims to sign in. The best practice to avoid such scams is always to be attentive to what is being signed and verify whether the source is authentic. Reading such statements often makes newbies fear which crypto to buy today for long-term security.
BlockDAG Coin Launches X1 Mobile Mining App
Taking inspiration from the likes of Kaspa and Bitcoin, the BlockDAG uses a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. The BDAG’s legendary crypto presale, which gained $1 million in 24 hours, has already grabbed the attention of crypto enthusiasts. The promise lurking behind its name to launch mainnet within six months further gives solid ground for the coin to operate on. It has the vision to reach $600 million by the end of 2024.The recent launch of its mobile mining app, BlockDAG X1, adds to the coin’s long-term approach. With a mine capacity of 125 BDAG daily, crypto mining has never been this easy. The easy-to-use application only takes up 50 MB of mobile storage space, allowing users to use their mobile phone to get started with a passive income. The basic mobile application app offers such mining power imagine the power of 25,000 BDAG every day with 2TH/s speed using X100. The complete BDAG’s X-Series, X10, X30, and X100 crypto mining rigs have been listed on the company’s website, allowing individuals to earn and grow while answering the question of which crypto to buy today for long-term success.
Understanding the Crypto Market
In a bold move, Marathon Digital’s $178.6 million acquisition expands its mining capacity while crypto scammers exploit crypto wallets, making vigilance crucial. Amidst these tales, BlockDAG revolutionizes with its X-Series and mobile mining app, offering a secure answer to the timeless question of which crypto to buy for long-term growth. The crypto landscape unfolds with Marathon’s historic buy, scam challenges, and BlockDAG’s innovative solutions, making waves in the digital assets and crypto presale world by acquiring $1 million in 24 hours.

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