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Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC) are both falling in value as their on-chart data suggests a pessimistic outlook for their future. While investors and traders are worried about the future of these altcoins, Pullix (PLX) has seen a major upswing in a green direction and could soon see further gains. The key reason behind the dip of XMR and ZEC is that Binance threatened to delist the privacy coins. Today, we will go over just what this means for the future of each DeFi project. 
Monero (XMR) Dips in Value – Possibility to Rise Above $200 Still Plausible
Monero (XMR) has regressed its trend and broke the upward trendline mark after reaching $162. Then, the selling pressure for the Monero crypto increased. There are negative market sentiments, and the price of the crypto could not uphold its gains. During the past month, the Monero price went down by 8.4%. 
The crypto is now showing a pullback based on the latest sessions, and the trading volume has remained in the neutral zone. According to the Monero price prediction, it can end in 2024 at a value of $219.89.
Zcash (ZEC) Witnessed 19% Decrease – Can It Gain Momentum?
Zcash (ZEC) witnessed a more significant decrease, where it’s down 19% in the past 30 days and 47% in the past year. The Zcash price has displayed a bearish formation and has not persisted in accumulating buyer interest following the potential delisting announcement. 
These aspects suggest that the Zcash crypto could begin to retest its current support at $22. Crypto has neutral ratings and suggests a volatile outlook based on ongoing trends. Yet, according to the Zcash price prediction, there is still potential for the crypto to reach $32.15 by the end of 2024. 
Pullix (PLX) Sees Massive Liquidity Flows – Price to Surge 100x
Pullix (PLX) is an upcoming platform designed to combine decentralized and centralized exchange features. It will achieve this through combining the best of both of these worlds and can become a major player in the industry. It will resolve liquidity and transparency issues. As a result, it will establish a user-friendly and secure platform that will separate itself from the DeFi space.

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Users can retain custody of their assets and retain full control over their private keys. Alongside this, users will be able to access liquidity provision. As a result, they can get far better liquidity and far more competitive prices than their competitors as well. 
Each trade will also be executed through an off-chain order book, resulting in a speed advantage. Due to this, PLX is seen as the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
During Stage 6, a single PLX token is trading at $0.08. It is clear that XMR and ZEC liquidity is flowing towards PLX, as over 11,000 users signed up, and over 75 million tokens have been sold, at launch, analysts project an upswing of 100x. 
While Monero and Zcash are falling in value following risks of their delisting on Binance, The Pullix presale has seen increased momentum. With massive interest and momentum in its presale, PLX is shaping up to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
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