While the downward trend that has continued since the Spot Bitcoin ETF approval pushed the BTC bitcoin price below $ 39,000, a new Bitcoin post came from Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money program.
Jim Cramer, known as a reverse indicator in the cryptocurrency community, made skeptical statements about the future of BTC in his post from his X account.
Drawing attention to the decline of Bitcoin, the famous presenter argued that the new theme is decline.
At this point, Cramer emphasized that Bitcoin fell 20% from its peak of $ 48,969 after the Spot ETF approval, and stated that BTC was ready for a “strong stance” but would not be successful in this.
Jim Cramer, who is skeptical about BTC regaining price stability and rising, said:

“Bitcoin is currently down about 20% from its high.
Despite this decline, I expect Bitcoin to maintain a strong stance, but since there is not enough money coming in, it will not be able to hold on and be successful.
New theme in Bitcoin: Number is Falling!”

Jim Cramer’s Bitocin post, known as the reverse indicator, also attracted the attention of the community.
Famous Youtuber DaVinci Jeremie, who is known for buying Bitcoin at 67 cents in 2011 and still holding these BTCs, said, “Reverse indicator Cramer- is here for the pump day in Bitcoin!”, referring to Cramer’s reputation as a reverse indicator. he commented.

Inverse Cramer – #Bitcoin pump is here to save the day!
— Davinci Jeremie (@Davincij15) January 23, 2024

*This is not investment advice.
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