1 The HZM coin aims to solve the problems by leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization
bitcoin 2 The HZM price has been struck in a consolidation zone for more than 3 months.

HZM is a decentralized utility token based on the Ethereum (ERC-20) blockchain. Its goal is to provide user-friendly and accessible secure transactions worldwide, while solving traditional currency problems through blockchain technology. By leveraging decentralization, the HZM coin claims to eliminate barriers between cryptocurrency traders.
How Was HZM Coin Formed?
The history of HZM Coin (HZM) traces back to its name, which derives from the Arabic word for “firmness.” The name symbolizes HZM’s commitment and dedication to promoting global safety and well-being. 
The camel logo represents a long journey, regaining the ability and the energy to persist in the face of life’s challenges. The logo signifies the possibility of overcoming adversity and making positive changes on a more significant scale.
The Ethereum blockchain powers HZM Coin, which endeavors to protect transactions by keeping them in ledgers and distributing them across various networks, making the currency virtually hack-resistant. The coin aims to be more secure than traditional currencies because there is no single point of failure. 
HZM coin’s decentralized blockchain system distributes information across various decision-makers who must agree that a transaction can proceed. This process aims to provide greater privacy because no one has access to the trader’s information. The process also aims to make the information more challenging to track and, therefore, more challenging to tamper with.
Furthermore, according to the whitepaper, HZM coin’s peer-to-peer decision-making process provides traders with a more reliable option than traditional coin transactions by preserving anonymity and enhancing security. Transactions are recorded in multiple locations and by multiple people. Finally, decentralization simplifies and secures transactions that are not subject to third-party fees.
Crypto Souq, a marketplace driven by HZM coin, supports the HZM token, allowing people to trade using cryptocurrencies. HZM is partnering with a range of multigenerational mobile games in addition to the unique marketplace. Crypto Souq is a platform powered by HZM coin, which aims to make asset, service, and product trading safe and straightforward.
In the third quarter of 2021, HZM was listed on various exchange platforms. HZM has a maximum total supply of 100 Billion coins and has destroyed 95.55 Billion coins.
HZM Token Technical Analysis 

HZM/USDT chart by TradingView (Daily time frame)

HZM coin price is struck in the consolidation zone between the support level of $0.000691 and the resistance level of $0.000997. At press time, the HZM price is trading at the level of $0.00073 after the bears at the 150 and 50-Day EMAs pushed the price down. The RSI on the other hand is showing a sideways trend as it is near its neutral zone of 50. The target price as per the current technical analysis is neutral.
HZM coin’s peer-to-peer decision-making process provides traders with a more reliable option than traditional coin transactions. HZM is launching mobile games and a platform, powered by HZM coin, for secure trading. The current technical analysis suggests a neutral target price for HZM coin.
Technical Levels

Support Levels: $0.000691 and $0.000479
Resistance Levels: $0.000997 and $0.00150

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