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Tron (TRX) has recently lost its position in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Despite its lack of significant price movements over the years, TRX has remained among the top altcoins. From a technical analysis perspective, TRX has shown resilience during recent market downturns, with its stablecoin transaction volume remaining strong. 
However, its overall market performance may be overshadowed by the potential growth of Galaxy Fox (GFOX). 
Galaxy Fox set for retail phase 
Galaxy Fox is a new meme coin that has generated considerable interest in the crypto community. 
Proactive market players have recognized its growth potential, as seen from the presale success. 
The project’s hybrid nature and focus on play-to-earn (P2E) gaming set it apart in the competitive crypto space. 
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Its P2E game allows users to participate, earn rewards, and own unique NFTs that enhance gameplay. 
GFOX is essential for purchasing NFTs and boosters and participating in the P2E ecosystem.
Holders can stake GFOX to earn additional tokens, strengthening community engagement and loyalty. 
The project’s code has undergone security audits and is committed to maintaining security standards.
A portion of transaction fees is allocated to the liquidity pool, staking pool, and treasury to support project development and rewards.
Tron price outlook 
Tron is gradually recovering from recent market downturns. However, it is still unclear whether this momentum can be sustained. 
Despite underperforming the market in recent months, TRX has maintained relatively low volatility.
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Year-to-date, TRX has gained over 70%, and its recent price surge from $0.05 to over $0.1 suggests that the altcoin may be poised for further growth. 
TRX’s all-time high of $0.3, set several years ago, has reignited speculation about a potential new all-time high.
While Tron has not delivered significant returns for many investors, its growing ecosystem and committed long-term holders suggest it may still have potential. However, Galaxy Fox is increasingly popular and may outperform TRX and other top altcoins upon its launch.
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