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Ethereum’s dominance over BTC has increased by 22.4%.
Solana reclaims key support
NuggetRush is carving out a unique niche in GameFi

Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin in terms of investor sentiment post-ETF approval. As a result, ETH’s dominance over BTC has increased by 22.4%. In the meantime, a few of the best altcoins have capitalized on the optimism around ETH.
Solana (SOL) has reclaimed a key resistance level. Also, NuggetRush is closing in on a major presale funding milestone ahead of its launch. 
Ethereum’s dominance over Bitcoin rises by 22.4%
Despite the recent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the U.S. SEC, the expected price boost for BTC has yet to materialize.
In contrast, Ethereum is up by about 8% within the same timeframe. 
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While the price of ETH has struggled to maintain the $2,600 mark, it has remained above the $2,500 support. 
According to Santiment, Ethereum’s market dominance over Bitcoin has increased by 22.4%. 
Additionally, there has been a surge in new addresses and a decline in ETH held on exchanges, a net positive for price.
NuggetRush presale status
NuggetRush is a new GameFi project that has gained a lot of attention for its hyperrealistic virtual world and unique feature of offering real gold rewards for in-game accomplishments. 
Players bring their characters into the virtual mining world. 
They can form teams during missions to increase their chances of success. 
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Players can exchange their found minerals and in-game gold for real money and gold in the marketplace. 
Moreover, players can stake NuggetRush NFTs and earn a 20% APY, which is good news for those who enjoy holding onto their digital collectibles for extended periods. 
However, NuggetRush aims to have a long-lasting impact on society as well. A portion of the rewards on the platform are dedicated to improving the living conditions of underprivileged miners around the world. 
NUGX is currently available for $0.015.
Solana reclaims key resistance
Solana has been trading below a declining trendline since hitting a multi-year high of $127 in December. 
However, it has now broken out and regained the critical $100 resistance level.
 If the price of SOL remains above $100 in the coming week, buyers may push the coin towards $150 in the sessions ahead.
Closing thoughts
ETH is rising versus Bitcoin, benefiting other altcoins like Solana and NuggetRush. Accordingly, experts say SOL and NUGX, whose presale is in progress, will likely trend higher.
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