Host of the Cheeky Crypto YouTube channel predicts ADA could hit 74 to 84 cents bitcoin once the market recovers. 
The analyst said another big correction could follow the bullish rally. 
Nick estimates the expected Fed interest rate cut will boost capital inflow into ADA.

Nick, a prominent crypto analyst and host of the Cheeky Crypto YouTube channel, has predicted that Cardano (ADA) could possibly hit a bullish surge to new highs once the selling pressure in the market cools. 
In a video posted on YouTube, Nick argued that the recent steep fall in ADA’s price could continue for a while. The analyst said the decline in ADA’s value presents a good buying opportunity for crypto investors before another surge to the upside. 
Nick estimates that ADA will see a bullish recovery alongside a rally in Bitcoin’s price. On how high the token will go, the analyst predicts a rise to the 74 to 84 cents range. At press time, ADA was selling for 45 cents apiece. 
However, Nick explained that the expected recovery in ADA’s price will be a short-lived rally before a bigger correction. He predicts in the vi…
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