Community vote denies proposal to reduce Cosmos Hub’s native token, ATOM, inflation from 7% to 0%.Notable bitcoin validators like Everstake oppose this, while others like Stakecito support reducing inflation based on staking demand.Cosmos Hub vote shows 48.62% against and 25.10% for Proposal #868 with opponents citing security vulnerabilities at zero inflation.The Cosmos Hub, the central hub of the interchain blockchain ecosystem, has rejected a proposal seeking to dynamically adjust the minimum inflation rate for its native token, ATOM. Proposal 868 aimed to reduce the minimum inflation parameter from the current 7% to 0% if over two-thirds of the ATOM supply was bonded on the network.Everstake, Cosmostation, Chorus One, Allnodes,, Swish Staking, Forbole, Provalidator, Keplr, and several others were among the validators who voted against the proposal. On the other hand, validators such as Game, Informal, Stakecito, P2P, Polkachu, Pryzm, IrisNet, Leap, and more supported the proposal.Proponents of the proposal, like prominent validators such as Stakecito, envisioned a scenario where high staking demand (exceeding 67% of bonded ATOM) could trigger reduced inflation. This, they argued, would further optimize token emissions based on actual network dynamics and align with the recent halving of the maximum inflation rate from 20% to 10%.Read full article at CryptoTale.

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