1️⃣$CONAN on SOL just launchedAped some $CONAN after seeing some chad frens ape and call the bitcoin dog honored by Donald Trump at the white house. The narrative is pretty based with 2024 elections.Presale jeets getting out it seems, chads steppin in. Once sellers exhausted lets full send.$TRUMP went 80m $CONAN at 300k-400k range floor here➡️ Conan is the name of the dog honored by Donald Trump at the white house. This project pays homage to Conan, and responds to the popular demand for dog-based narratives in the crypto space.▶️CONAN will be more than just a memecoin, featuring several unique use cases and utilities that are beneficial to the long term growth of the Solana Ecosystem.▶️ Join the Conan movement today and help us make the world a more fun and inclusive place for everyone!Official TG: https://t.me/ConanOnSolportalWebsite : conan-token.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConanOnSolContract: 7XU84evF7TH4suTuL8pCXxA6V2jrE8jKA6qsbUpQyfCY

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