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Crypto exchange listing bitcoin announcements have a serious impact on the price of altcoins. We have witnessed the significant consequences of listing steps taken by exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. Now, Coinbase, the largest exchange by volume in the US, has announced a new listing.
Altcoins to be Listed
According to an announcement made by Coinbase a few minutes ago, Ondo Finance (ONDO) will be opened for trading on the exchange. Investors can only transfer their tokens to the Coinbase exchange via the Ethereum network, and if liquidity conditions are met, the token will be opened for trading in the coming hours. Since the listing will happen immediately, the token price increase may continue for a while.

Following the news, the price increased significantly. Investors need to be prepared for potential losses due to volume sales during the listing or negative sentiment in the general market. ONDO Coin is not yet on Binance and many other exchanges, and it has only been a few weeks since it was listed on some popular exchanges.
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