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In the traditional technology space, incubators are a key infrastructure component fueling innovation and collaboration due to their ability to support early-stage startups that require guidance with business development. In the blockchain industry, IDO (initial DEX offering) launchpads play a similarly crucial role in uplifting crypto projects in the DeFi space by assisting in fundraising efforts and helping developers prepare for token launches. These launchpads empower early-stage startups to secure funding in a transparent way that focuses on community building and value generation for the Web3 ecosystem.
The AI-powered Web3 infrastructure startup ChainGPT embodies this spirit through its unique IDO launchpad that helps incubate promising startups in the industry. Most recently, ChainGPT led GT Protocol through an IDO process where it successfully launched a fully automated crypto trading platform powered by advanced AI algorithms.
Built to benefit both new and experienced crypto investors, the protocol provides profitable strategies featuring controllable risk levels, alongside a transparent and traceable history of each deal. 
With guidance from ChainGPT Pad, GT Protocol features a conversational AI model alongside its “Deal Execution and Task Management Core” to connect users with crypto’s most sought-after risk-managed investment instruments. Users gain convenient access to DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, CeFi exchanges, and ChainGPT’s proprietary staking mechanism through the protocol.
“Our protocol is truly a one-stop-shop for everything crypto, and our use of advanced AI algorithms offers investors from any background a comfortable and convenient way to trade, buy, bid, and stake crypto,” says Vladislav Balaban, co-founder of GT Protocol. “We are grateful to working with the team at ChainGPT Pad who have provided us with invaluable expertise and guidance during the development stages.”
GT Protocol’s core strength lies in its blockchain AI execution technology integrations, which offer a wide range of features including: 

Simplified AI commands for trading and transactions
AI-driven portfolio management for optimal returns
Automated AI-powered trading strategies 
Comprehensive off-chain and on-chain AI analytics on crypto markets
Real-time AI trading signals
AI-enabled arbitrage trading
AI management tools for NFT collectors
User-friendly AI tools for Web3 onboarding and education

“The GT Protocol is a testament to the visionary approach of ChainGPT Pad by fostering groundbreaking Web3 solutions with the help of AI,” says Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO and Founder of ChainGPT. “GT Protocol has already garnered great momentum thanks to attention from significant media figures like Evan Luthra and Yat Siu. We are excited for the GT Protocol, with its all-encompassing app, to be a part of the ChainGPT ecosystem because it provides a gateway to the future of crypto—making sophisticated AI-powered investments accessible to all.”  
Amid all the hype and buzz around generative AI, ChainGPT is pioneering the field of blockchain AI infrastructure by offering a wide range of tools and services including a smart contract generator and auditor, advanced AI trading, an NFT generator, an AI-powered security extension, and SDK and API access for developers and organizations to integrate ChainGPT. 
The ChainGPT Pad supports the entire ecosystem and is recognized for its strategic mentorship, earning top ROI rankings for nurturing talented and innovative Web3 startups. 

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