Conor Kenny looks into the interesting comeback of Sponge V2, a new version of the bitcoin recent meme coin space’s biggest gainer, the Sponge memecoin that experienced a rapid rise.
People are buzzing about the Sponge token ($SPONGE) because it had a big jump in value in December and January. This increase is linked to the news that the Sponge team plans to connect the coin to Sponge V2, a new and improved meme coin with actual uses.

Investors are excited about the upcoming release of Sponge V2, causing a surge in demand for the original Sponge token.

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Sponge is making a strong comeback in 2024, thanks to the exciting launch of its sequel – Sponge V2. This is the second version of the original Sponge meme coin, and it comes with a new and special staking model, a Play-to-Earn game, and a big marketing budget.
This new crypto coin aims to do even better than the first one, offering another chance for investors to make big returns, especially if they missed out the first time. The development team has introduced an innovative Stake-to-Bridge model.
If you already have $SPONGE tokens, you can stake them and, at the end of the staking period, receive $SPONGEV2 tokens. For new investors, you can easily buy the meme coin on the Sponge website using a bank card or by swapping ETH or USDT tokens.
The tokens you purchase will automatically be staked, letting you earn passive income at an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 283%. Meme coins with a great staking program are in high demand, and Sponge V2 is no exception. In just a few weeks, over $5.3 million worth of $SPONGE tokens have been staked, totaling over 5.7 billion.
To increase community engagement, Sponge V2 has introduced a new Play-To-Earn racer game. Players can compete against each other for a chance to win $SPONGEV2 tokens as rewards. Check out our price prediction for Sponge V2.
Sponge V2 tokenomics, roadmap, and Play-to-Earn features
According to its website, 43.09% of the supply is set aside for staking rewards, 26.93% will be used for bridging, 7.5% for marketing, 4.47% for developing games, 8% for rewards in the Play-to-Earn game, and 10% for liquidity on centralized exchanges.
A crucial thing to think about in the Sponge system is the connection between V1 and V2 tokens. Once Sponge V2 is launched, support for the original token will stop. So, holders need to stake their Sponge V1 tokens in the staking contract. In return, they’ll get an equal amount of Sponge V2 tokens.
These tokens will also earn extra rewards until the staking campaign ends. But it’s important to note that the staking plan spans four years. Another significant aspect of Sponge V2 is its new usefulness.
Sponge V2 will include a Play-to-Earn racing game, letting holders earn cryptocurrency for free. The game will have both free and paid versions. Anyone can play the free one, but users will need $SPONGEV2 credits for the paid version. This adds value and creates a natural demand.
The paid version allows users to earn more $SPONGEV2, building an innovative in-game economy and encouraging community involvement. The roadmap outlines stages for launch, claiming, listing, game development, and milestones such as achieving 10,000 holders and a $100 million market cap.
Crypto investors hurry to buy Sponge V2 – Is $SPONGEV2 headed to Binance and set to become the next big meme coin?

The first Sponge meme coin became a big success, getting listed on major Tier-1 crypto exchanges just a few days after it started. Crypto exchanges like Uniswap,, LBANK, MEXC, Bitget, and others all introduced the meme coin on their platforms, resulting in hundreds of millions in daily trading.

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Sponge gained more than 13,000 token holders and 30,000 social media followers because of the strong excitement and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). But the project’s development team thinks Sponge V2 could do even better, maybe getting listed on “bigger and better” crypto exchanges.
This could include Binance, especially since the world’s largest crypto exchange has shown interest in listing popular meme coins. Over the past year, Pepe and Bonk saw huge increases, reaching multi-billion dollar market caps at their highest points. However, these projects fell just as quickly as they rose.
Now, traders are looking for the next big thing, with dogwifhat and Myro becoming popular topics. Yet, the underestimated Sponge V2 might surprise the market, being a true underdog with significant growing momentum.
Listings on big exchanges were crucial for $PEPE and $BONK, showing the huge potential for Sponge V2. The excitement about the new Sponge V2 meme coin isn’t just among small-scale investors.
Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain and Poloniex exchange, holds over $4 million worth of $SPONGE, which he plans to stake and bridge into Sponge V2. To take part in $SPONGEV2 presale visit

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