🟣 More than 2% of the initial token supply has been permanently burned.🟣 The owners of bitcoin veGOMINING votes have been paid 7,733,588 GOMINING, and the amount of GoMining Rewards (in native token equivalents) has already reached nearly 4 million (3,866,794).🟣 In just 154 days, the value of our native token has increased 2.6 times, from $0.11 to $0.29.📊 These were the general statistics for today.Let’s take a closer look at what profits both veGOMINING vote owners and the holders of our NFTs received in the 22nd Burn & Mint cycle:🔥 1,736,616 GOMINING tokens were burned;🔨 1,424,025 GOMINING tokens have since been minted.They were divided into the following categories:⚡️ 925,616 to the Service Provider;🔒 284,805 to the owners of veGOMINING votes;🪙 142,403 to GoMining Rewards;👥 71,201 to the GoMining team.The voting results for the 23rd cycle are:📌 Extra Solo mining discount is 2.58%;📌 Pool mining multiplier is 1.076х;📌 The Greedy Machines power has increased by 0.24% for each NFT sold from this collection.As you can see, our veTokenomics is moving according to plan and bringing with it amazing results.You can read more about the principles behind it in this article: https://medium.com/@GoMining/gomining-launches-vote-escrow-ve-tokenomics-1c3de4e3e02eInformation about how GoMining Rewards are distributed can be found here: ​​https://medium.com/@GoMining/vetokenomics-gomining-rewards-details-238d78484bf5🤝 Become a part of the GoMining ecosystem and earn alongside other users!

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