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Bitcoin price today continues its search for a new bottom below $40,000, having recently dropped to $38,555. Although the significant support level of $38,500 for BTC is currently holding, unexpected high-volume selling or buying in the coming hours could further increase volatility in altcoins. Particularly, the demand in futures contracts is laying the groundwork for such high-volatility movements.
Will CEEK Coin Increase?
We have shared long-term evaluations of CEEK Coin price performance many times. In the latest price analysis, we mentioned that investors have reached a point of frustration on social media. CEEK Coin, with a high concentration of Turkish investors, has not shown sufficient progress and has not had the opportunity to be listed on popular exchanges in the past three years.

Weak technological progress, the certification of the team’s lack of confidence in CEEK Coin during metaverse land sales, and social activity that did not go beyond listing rumors have led to the current situation.
However, for those curious about the future of the price, we see buyers coming in at the support level of $0.044. The long tails on the daily chart indicate that some buyers are taking advantage of the rapid sales as BTC heads lower. However, if BTC weakness continues, this support could also be lost. Subsequent sales could continue down to $0.03337, potentially opening the door to a new all-time low price.
Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction
Despite all the negativity, CHZ Coin bulls seem determined not to give up on their gains. After months of moving within a parallel channel, the price finally broke free and continues to stay above the key region, even as BTC retreated to the $38,500 support.

Closures above $0.085 are positive, and with BTC potentially returning above $42,000, CHZ Coin could quickly recover among altcoins. Key areas are $0.106 and $0.112; daily closures above these could see movements towards $0.131 and $0.143. The medium-term peak target is at $0.27.
Conversely, if it falls back below the parallel channel’s resistance level, the decline could deepen to the $0.072 middle area. In a scenario where BTC’s overselling leads to a massive bottom at $30,000, the $0.058 and $0.055 lows could be retested after months.
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