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Whale market decisions can have outsized effects on crypto price action. $XRP may soon be the next coin to experience this phenomenon. A recent massive transfer has sparked sell-off fears, with a  high level of FUD surrounding the altcoin presently. Smart investors are considering alternatives, and Galaxy Fox tops their options list. Many believe the meme coin’s ICO is a profitable commitment, and $GFOX is seemingly a good crypto to buy now. 
Galaxy Fox: Budding Meme Coin With Excellent Market Prospects 
Every investor desires a low-risk commitment with a high profit margin. This is the opportunity that the $GFOX presale brings. The meme coin is presently at its initial coin offering (ICO) phase, selling at a ridiculously low price. However, the price is expected to do over 100× once the token debuts on retailing exchanges. Hence, purchasing a $GFOX token at this phase can yield good returns in the long run. Currently, $GFOX presale is at no risk of volatility, equally making it a safer investment option. 
Galaxy Fox is Ethereum-based and equipped with features that increase its success potential. The unique meme coin is a fox with a high tendency to thrive amidst many dogs. $GFOX will have a deflationary feature, which causes its total supply to reduce periodically. This will make the token more scarce while ensuring the value appreciates. Usage and prominence contribute to token value increase, and $GFOX will have them in abundance. 
The budding token is a hybrid, implying that it can function in two different sectors. This will increase $GFOX adoption and possibly prominence too. The meme coin will function as a play-to-earn token for rewarding game players in its ecosystem. The thrilling game will involve collecting and nurturing in-game characters (NFTs) and battling them with one another to earn in-game currency. 
Galaxy Fox allocates about 10% of its 5 billion supply to funding its P2E game. It will generate money to replenish the game’s prize pool via in-game items trade. Galaxy Fox has a marketplace where users can buy temporary game boosters and other digital items using $GFOX. It’s the money from these sales that goes into the treasury fund, which replenishes the prize pool. $GFOX holders can equally improve their holdings by staking their tokens. It’s an avenue to earn passively in the ecosystem. 
$GFOX developers are committed to the meme coin’s success. They ensure it undergoes necessary checks and optimize its security architecture to make it safe for investors. $GFOX is created to serve the entire web3 space as a utility token without abandoning its meme features. The token is primed to achieve this as it prepares to become one of the best debut tokens this year. 

Massive $XRP Transfer Sparks Investor Fears 
$XRP is a top altcoin with about $29.7+ billion market cap. It’s the 6th ranked cryptocurrency by market value and one of the most prominent. $XRP sentiment and price action have been relatively flat for a long time despite its fairly profitable run in the previous year. However, recent events could spark a price dump.
A blockchain tracking platform recently broke the news of Ripple transferring approximately $46.18M worth of $XRP to an unknown address on January 16.  In another event, Whale Alert revealed another massive whale transfer. The unknown $XRP whale moved 25.7M $XRP (approximately $14.83M) to Bitstamp. Market observers suggest these transfers are signs of an upcoming selloff. 
The events have already sparked speculation among investors. Many believe a massive $XRP price decline is imminent, calling into question its status as a good crypto to buy now. The bulls show no signs of taking control as the bears keep dragging $XRP down. The altcoin has suffered over 7% decline in the past week, from $0.60 to $0.54. 
Amidst speculations about the $XRP selloff, $GFOX can provide investors with profitability and lower risk. The mene coin has an impressive outlook, and its presale is an excellent purchase point. If you’re looking for a good crypto to buy, $GFOX is a stand-out choice. 
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