Crypto experts have varying predictions about what sectors of the market will thrive in the coming bitcoin bull run. Some believe current trends such as layer 2s, AI+crypto, BRC20, and real-world asset tokenization will receive the biggest share.
Other seasoned analysts expect older sectors such as GameFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse to experience a reawakening. We believe this too. The last bull run affected these sectors. But lately, there’s been a revival of interest and the emergence of projects with better utility, fundamentals, and tokenomics. One such project that’s raising eyebrows right now is PECland.

🛋Imagine having a home you can decorate to your heart’s content! 🏡✨ In #PECland🏝, your creativity knows no bounds🧑‍🎨with the DIY function. The more beautifully you decorate your home, the greater your yield return becomes! Stay tuned for this world of endless possibilities!💫
— PECland (@PEClandOfficial) January 20, 2024

A little digging into this project shows that they’ve perfectly merged various sectors of the crypto space into a single offering. PECland is a combination of NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse. Launched in March 2021, PECland seeks to offer a Web3 game that will not only entertain but disrupt the total experience.
Introduction to PECland
PECland is an NFT Gamefi project leading the BRC20 UGC open world. It seeks to create a virtual world with limitless opportunities for creators. The game has a pretty unique feel and storyline. It allows players to live in a parallel reality in the metaverse. So, players can control their decisions and even design or create personal belongings such as clothes or houses. The idea is that the more you decorate and design, the more yield you get.

🌱Planting trees in #PECland 🏝By using boosters and fertilizers, you can turbocharge your rewards. 💰Whether it’s plot, home, badges, or game props, all these enhancements speed up harvest times and yield better outputs. 🍎Don’t forget to embed badges to upgrade your plot!🔝
— PECland (@PEClandOfficial) January 16, 2024

The fun extends to their lives. So, players can get into relationships, throw the best parties, get married, and do all sorts of fun things their minds can imagine. PECland features exciting design tools that make it fun. But that’s not all. The game has access to the ENS domain service. This means you can have registered Web3 usernames.
PECland’s focus on user-generated content (UGC) is pretty strategic. Google’s recent updates prioritize user-generated content over expert content.

User-generated content now often appears in Google SERPs: “Reddit Is a Marketing Goldmine.” Via @seosmarty. #ecommerce @Reddit
— Practical Ecommerce (@PracticalEcomm) January 21, 2024

 So, PECland’s framework supports user-generated content and rewards creativity. There are lots of areas to explore in this project.


😄Curious about #PECland #BRC20 UGC Open World mini-games?
Here’s a sneak peek:
Team up with friends 🎮 Showcase your gaming skills🏆Enhance performance with props 💎Win the coveted Treasure Box!
Stay tuned for more gaming excitement!🏝
— PECland (@PEClandOfficial) January 13, 2024

Furthermore, PECland builds across two major networks:

BNB Chain

But the true perk of this game is that it unites both networks. It links Bitcoin assets with the BNB Chain ecosystem by bridging BRC20 and BNBChain using a two-way cross-chain bridge. The core mission is to unite both networks.

🏝Rev up the excitement in #PECland!🏎 Join forces with your #web3 pals for thrilling car races and competitive football matches. Win treasure boxes, fertilizer, XP, and more in the top #BRC20 UGC open world. As we step into the next stage, the game is on its way, coming soon!💨
— PECland (@PEClandOfficial) January 12, 2024

How does PECland work?
The game is easy to grasp for all levels of experience. For a start, players need to select an identity out of the existing five identity categories. Choosing your identity simply grants users exclusive gameplay and earning potential.
The existing identity categories are

Island Owner,
King of Gamblers.

The future versions will include game designer and interior designer identities. So, users are to select their identity based on their social network and financial capacity. Each of these identities has its own cost and associated rewards. For example, island owners can earn profits from the farmers they recruit.

This project runs a superb creator economy. There are various revenue streams. This includes:

in-game props, 
UGC integration,
mini-game platform fees;

Who’s backing this project?
PECland has already secured huge backers across Web3. Some of the strategic partners for the company include:,

🏝 #PECland is pleased to receive a strategic investment from the visionary team at @MoonbootsDao. Together, we’re embarking on a journey to unleash the limitless potential of the UGC world. Stay tuned for incredible innovations! 🌐
— PECland (@PEClandOfficial) January 22, 2024

One of the biggest pros of this project is that it is permissionless. This means that anyone can create their own designs using the editor tool. In addition, anyone can become an artist and receive rewards for their craft.
The project is also well-documented. There’s a straightforward website, an active Medium blog, and an engaging social media presence. In addition, the team has already released a clear roadmap detailing their plans for the coming quarters. PECland is also part of the raving BRC20 narrative. And has a good position within that community. What’s next, their IDO?

📢Introducing $PECL, the lifeblood of #PECland’s UGC Open World🏝
🔹Token Standard: BRC20 & BEP20🔹Total Supply: 50 Billion🔹Initial Circulating Percentage: 13%🔹IMC (excluding liquidity): $440k🔹FDV at IDO price: $6m
👇Tokenomics details🌱🎮
— PECland (@PEClandOfficial) January 21, 2024

The PECL token and IDO
The $PECL tokens play a huge role within the PECland ecosystem. These tokens serve as the platform fee when playing some mini-games within the ecosystem. Users can also use them to

Upgrade their land plots.
cover integration fees,
grow trees for higher returns,
Take part in the governance of the gaming world.

Here are the details of the token and the IDO.
Ticker: $PECL
Token Standard: BRC20 and BEP20
Total Supply: 50,000,000,000
The IDO will take place on different platforms.
Here are the details for
Total raise: $150,000
Sale and token network: BNB Chain
Whitelist: January 19–Jan 23, 2024
IDO date: January 24

🔥 $PECL WHITELIST NOW LIVE – Time to Apply! 🔥Exclusive & Private Pool of $150,000 Allocation by @PEClandOfficial
IDO date: Jan 24 🔹 TGE date: Jan 25Refund: 24H 🔹 IMC: $440,000
👉 Apply EXCLUSIVE Whitelist:
– Buyers: Pro, ProMax, Legend ✨– Price:…
— GAMEFI.ORG (@GameFi_Official) January 19, 2024

Whitelist registration time: 05:00 UTC, Jan 21–08:00 UTC, Jan 23, 2024
Sale date: Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Price per token: $0.00008 per PEC
Vesting schedule: 20% TGE, Cliff 1 month, block by block in 6 months
Network for IDO: BSC
Accepted currency: USDT
Total raise: $100,000

🚀🌐 Exciting news! The @PEClandOfficial IDO is gearing up for launch on Red Kite, and the Whitelist is NOW OPEN! 🌐🚀
⏰ Registration time: 05:00 UTC, Jan 21 – 08:00 UTC, Jan 23, 2024
🔥For more details:
🎁 Secure your tokens and register for…
— Red Kite Launchpad (@redkitepad) January 21, 2024

Launch date: January 24. Find more details here
As an investor, it’s normal to think about the benefits of joining an IDO. PECland has lots of pros. For a start, it’s riding on the BRC20 narrative. Also, it has a good structure and well-outlined plans. Follow @PEClandOfficial on X and stay tuned to the IDO.

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