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Prominent cryptocurrency tracking platform Whale Alert has announced that bitcoin approximately 15 hours ago, it spotted a tremendous amount of Dogecoin transferred by an anonymous whale to popular brokerage platform Robinhood.
Overall, more than 100 million Dogecoin have been transacted with a likely goal of being sold, while over the past 24 hours, the DOGE price has demonstrated a 5% increase.
Whale moves 103 million DOGE
According to a recent X/Twitter post published by the aforementioned platform, an unknown cryptocurrency whale shoveled a total of 103,293,021 DOGE to Robinhood. Details provided by Whale Alert show that there was also an additional transfer of 2,765,809 DOGE.

🚨 103,293,021 #DOGE (7,909,944 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Robinhood— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) January 23, 2024

Overall, according to the wallet’s page on the Blockchair explorer, recently this DOGE whale has been quite active sending and receiving massive chunks of Dogecoin.
Thus, earlier today, this wallet received 21,000,000 DOGE, and prior to that incoming transfer, it had sent out 550,299 and 82,111,111 DOGE to other wallets. On Jan. 22, it had a large incoming DOGE chunk of 163,110,047.358 meme coins. On Jan. 17, 11,626,815.4788 DOGE landed in this wallet address.
Overall, the statistics say, the whale has spent 19,689,063,770 DOGE and received 19,691,829,579 DOGE. At the time of this writing, there are 2,765,809 Dogecoin on its balance.
Dogecoin price performance
Dogecoin is striving to recover after its recent astounding price drop. Since Jan. 20, DOGE has shed 21.37%, hitting a local bottom of $0.7660 on Tuesday. Prior to that, the DOGE price skyrocketed by a whopping 28.39% as the news spread that Elon Musk was preparing to launch internal peer-to-peer payments on his X/Twitter social media platform.
The DOGE community continues to hope that Musk will, after all, at least include a DOGE option in the official payment tools list on X, hence the massive price surge.
Over the last 24 hours, the original cryptocurrency inspired by memes increased by 5%, exchanging hands at $0.08032 at the time of writing.

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