Web3 is the future of the Internet that complies with the principles of decentralization and is bitcoin built on the blockchain. Thanks to new technologies, users can conduct financial transactions and record value without the participation of third parties and without relying on a single central authority. Recently, the popularity of Web3 has been growing more and more rapidly, and users are becoming aware of the opportunities that the third-generation Internet can offer. The main features of Web3 are decentralization and the ability to pay for goods and services with tokens among other network users.Web3 includes three key areas.Gaming projects such as Metaverse, play-to-earn, and GameFi.Projects related to NFT technology.Decentralized Finance or DeFi.If you want to start an advertising campaign for your project, then before that, you should create a solid foundation. So you need to create a website and optimize its pages for high ranking in the search engine. In addition, you should create pages prepared for revision on social networks and write vital texts on the company blog and the pages of your website.To ensure that the effort and finances invested in promoting your project are well-spent, you should turn to the services of agencies specializing in this. Below, we look at the 10 best Web3 marketing agencies.SubscribeJoin us in showcasing the cryptocurrency revolution, one newsletter at a time. Subscribe now to get daily news and market updates right to your inbox, along with our millions of other subscribers (that’s right, millions love us!) — what are you waiting for?1. CoinbandIn first place is Web3 marketing agency Coinband. They specialize in promoting projects related to cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 technologies. Collaboration with them is perfect for start-ups. It has excellent value for money. You can be sure that your project will be completed quickly and with attention to all details. Contact Coinband to assemble a community that will be genuinely passionate about your Web3 project. This agency’s specialists deal with PR, website development, search engine optimisation and working with influencers.This marketing agency has first-class marketing expertise and uses advanced tools for growth. You can be assured that your project will be known and recognised in the Web3 space. The team has more than 20 successfully completed projects in its portfolio, and Coinband’s total client capitalization exceeds $730 million. The number of clients attracted by Web3 business is estimated at hundreds of thousands of people per month. The company has offices in Kiev, Warsaw and Dubai. It has 37 employees working on clients’ tasks. The price level is the lowest among all the agencies listed in the ranking, with the highest quality of work done.2. GuerillaBuzzGuerillaBuzz has a long and successful track record of PR and marketing in the Web3 space. They value the trust of the cryptocurrency community and are trusted by globally recognized companies such as MEXC Exchange, Fetch.ai, CoinGecko. GuerillaBuzz is ready to design a turnkey advertising and PR campaign. This marketing agency also does SEO and many other services such as creation of landing pages and training videos.GuerillaBuzz has been in business since 2017. The company’s services include SEO, developing promotional strategies, creating and distributing content, and working with Influencers. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company’s portfolio includes dozens of IEO, Web3, IDO, and NFT projects from different countries. This marketing company has a well-developed social media presence. The price level for the services is between medium and high.3. Hype.partnersHype.partners in the Web 3.0 world specialize in GameFi and Metaverse projects. Among the partners of this marketing company are cryptocurrency stars such as Ledger, Algorand, Celo, Chiliz, Flow, and many other leading companies. An ideal variant not only for GameFi and Metaverse projects, but also for advertising promotion of large cryptocurrency businesses.This marketing agency works with the best Web3 professionals from around the world. The project team employs more than 110 people. The main office is located in the German capital Berlin. The company’s portfolio includes dozens of successful projects from Blockchain, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse. Hype.partners’ price level is high.4. Ninjapromo.ioNinjapromo.io, whose portfolio includes established Web 3.0 projects such as Trust Wallet, Fantom, and Polkadot. This Web3 marketing agency focuses on content management and can provide organic community growth. The world’s leading Influencers work with this agency. Customers of their services specifically mention their professional handling of video and other multimedia data. Ninjapromo can even develop a mobile app for you.The company has offices in cities such as London, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vilnius. Their services include SEO, influencer marketing, PR, video production and video marketing. The portfolio has a large number of successful advertising cases of Web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Also this company has a very developed network of partners and Influencers. Ninjapromo.io’s price level is very high. In fact, their services are designed for the elite segment of the market. Along with high prices, customers get high quality services.5. NeoreachNeoreach marketing company is ready to provide simply incredible results by advertising your Web3-based project on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and other social media. This is a great option for advertising an NFT minting related project. The world’s top crypto influencers collaborate with them. By cooperating with Neoreach, your project is sure to gain a lot of useful contacts.Neoreach offers its clients average prices for its services at high quality. It has an extensive network of partners and Influencers. This marketing agency also uses its own set of software tools operating through APIs. These tools are designed for tracking campaign productivity. The Neoreach team consists of dozens of professionals from different countries. The company is headquartered in California, USA.6. Single GrainSingle Grain is one of the most well-known Web 3.0 marketing agencies. Its specialists provide the fullest range of services, including PR, branding, Influencer outreach, website design, SEO, press release writing and placement in leading cryptocurrency media. Unlike many other companies, Single Grain successfully works with digital marketing tools such as marketing funnels and PPC campaigns. Their services are more focused on the B2B segment and institutional clients. Its clients include such giants as Uber, Airbnb, Bittrex, Polymath and Blockgeeks.Single Grain is a high-end marketing agency and has one of the highest price levels. They have a huge list of services related to SEO, social media advertising, and working with Influencers. The company’s office is located in New York, USA, and the team consists of dozens of professionals from different countries. The company’s social networks are very well developed.7. Lunar StrategyLunar Strategy is a great option for DeFi project promotion. Their main tools are influencer marketing, community building, social media management and paid ads. Lunar Strategy specialists can also develop a website or a landing page for a Web3 startup and perform its SEO optimization.Lunar Strategy is highly popular in the cryptocurrency community and offers average pricing for its services. The quality of the advertising services is high. The company has 15 experienced employees and a portfolio of more than 150 successful Web3 and blockchain-related projects. The office is located in Portugal. Their clients have received targeted, motivated traffic and acquired hundreds of thousands of users. It’s a great choice for advertising promotion of an NFT project.8. CoinboundCoinbound is one of the leading companies promoting Web3 in the US market.Their portfolio includes many successful NFT projects and collaborations with major cryptocurrency projects such as the Cosmos network, OKCoin exchange, and Metamask wallet.Since its founding in 2017, Coinbound Marketing Agency has done a lot for the development of cryptocurrencies and digital assets not only in the US, but around the world. They have vast experience in promoting on Twitter and Discord. A great option for projects targeting the US market, as this agency cooperates with the best US crypto-influencers.Coinbound Marketing Agency has been operating since 2018 and already has over 750 satisfied clients. It employs 45 experienced professionals in its team. The price level is medium, closer to high. Its office is located in the American city of New York.9. CROwdcreateCROwdcreate has been singled out as a “Top Crypto Marketing Firm” by Forbes. Over 500 crypto projects have already had positive experiences with this advertising company. CROwdcreate’s services including SMM, NFT strategy consulting, community building, community management, influencer marketing, PR and more.CROwdcreate is a mid-priced agency. It is headquartered in Irvin, California, USA. A great option for building an active, engaged cryptocurrency community. The number of users they attract is in the millions.10. BlockwizAnd last but not least in our ranking is Blockwiz, a marketing company in the cryptocurrency world. They have over 700 successful crypto campaigns under their belt, as well as a number of prestigious marketing awards. Their services include Discord and Telegram community management, influencer marketing, crypto content writing, video creation, SEO and more.Blockwiz offers high quality advertising services at reasonable prices. The company is based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded in 2019. It is not a large marketing agency, with a team of 15 people.Working with Coinband is ideal for start-ups that need a website, search engine optimization and initial community recruitment. Their strong point is the optimal price level at the highest quality of work. They have offices in Kiev, Warsaw and Dubai.GuerillaBuzz is great for launching a turnkey PR campaign in the media, especially if you’re not strapped for cash. When you work together, you will get high quality work and acquire connections with new partners and Influencers.Ninjapromo is beyond competition in an area such as video and graphics work. If your primary requirement is video, graphics, multimedia — it’s the best choice. A great option for those looking to enter the US market. Be prepared for a fairly high price level.It’s hard to beat Neoreach when it comes to communicating with users and recruiting an engaged community. This marketing agency is of American origin. Working with them would be a great option to acquire the acquaintance of American partners and Influencers.Hype.partners is ideal for promoting a GameFi or Metaverse project. A rather expensive agency. The main office is located in the German capital Berlin.Single Grain can be safely recommended to large cryptocurrency businesses. A US agency whose services are expensive.Lunar Strategy are excellent specialists when it comes to advertising promotion of decentralized finance. Based in Portugal, it is known for its relatively low prices with the highest quality services. This marketing agency would be an excellent choice for promotion of an NFT project.Coinbound is best suited for promotion in the US market, especially if it is an NFT project. The office is located in New York. Prices for services are closer to average than high.CROwdcreate, “Top Crypto Marketing Firm” by Forbes will help build up the existing cryptocurrency community and increase engagement. Working with them is perfect for creating an engaged social media community. The company’s office is located in the USA.Contact Blockwiz Marketing Firm if you need powerful SEO for your cryptocurrency project and its social media promotion. The Canadian-based company is renowned for its low prices and top quality work.Other Web3 Marketing AgenciesOur list of the best Web3 marketing agencies includes only some companies that are professionals in their field. This list only includes other agencies that you should pay your attention to.AskGalore was founded in 2018 and specializes in advertising and developing decentralized applications. Their team comprises experienced specialists who use artificial intelligence technologies, magical learning, and data science to create solutions. The company can also build supply chains for businesses based on blockchain.Unicsoft is another professional company that is engaged in the development of decentralized solutions and marketing of Web3 projects. The company uses artificial intelligence to develop applications, so this is an excellent option if you want a crypto wallet or create a Web3 application.Interexy can be an excellent solution for those professionally involved in NFTs. The company has in its portfolio the creation and promotion of NFTs for many famous American musicians. The Mooning agency also works with NFTs and Metaverse.You can contact Rehab to promote your Web3 project. They have worked with giants like Nike, Google, Spotify, Amazon, and Estee Lauder. But the price for marketing services will be pretty high.CryptoArmy is another professional company that deals with Web3 marketing. The company’s employees also include DeFi marketing experts. The agency will help you create a strategy for promoting your cryptocurrency and NFTs.ICODA is a rather interesting example of a marketing agency. They will help your project through listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. You can also pay attention to Kryptonite, an agency that promotes NFTs and tokens. Web3 Consulting and Epic Playdate are also good examples of high-quality marketing services.How to Choose the Best Web3 Marketing Agency?If you want to choose the most suitable marketing agency, you first need to determine your target audience. For example, if your solution is concentrated within one country, you do not need to pay for international marketing. It is essential to research which social networks potential users spend their time on most often. For example, Twitter (X) is great for marketing NFT-related projects.Next, you should define the tasks and goals of your project for yourself and the company you want to hire. Try dividing one enormous task into several smaller ones. This way, you can manage your strategy as new data becomes available.If you need advice on marketing promotion for your Web3 project, you can contact Coinband experts. We have many years of experience working with Web3 ICO projects and cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinband has a team of professionals who have been involved in marketing campaigns for social networks, developing websites with high rankings in search engines, and working with influencers for many years. Take your chance to take a leading position while the development of blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrencies is at an early stage.

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