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Who we Are?

The Kausa Travel and Safaris experience is about fulfilling your dream of an African adventure in a way that is culturally, economically, and environmentally sensitive to the communities we work in.

With nearly a decade of experience leading safaris in Tanzania, our staff understands the diversity of the region as well as the diversity of our clients. Thus, we strive to create unique experiences to match your budget, schedule, interests, and comfort.

We encourage all of our clients to spend some time outside the safari car getting to understand the many cultures of Tanzania. We create opportunities for this that are safe, comfortable, and beneficial for all involved

Our Most Popular Adventures

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Why Kausa Travel

There’s a reason that more than 70% of KAUSA travelers each year are repeat guests or were referred by a past KAUSA traveler.


The most experienced and customer-focused guides & staff in the industry

Tailor-made Experiences

We believe in personal Experience, For each traveler we customize the trip to his/her exclusive needs


Responsible Travel

Our commitment to the environment & local communities is unmatched

Top Notch Accommodations

We have careful selected the Hotels, Lodges and Camps we use, We believe in a good rest during an adventure

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Our Top Destinations

Tanzania captivates travelers with its diverse landscapes, from Serengeti’s wildlife spectacle to Kilimanjaro’s majesty. Zanzibar’s exotic beaches allure relaxation, while Ngorongoro Crater and Maasai culture enrich unforgettable safaris. Unleash adventure in Tanzania!